The REPERES team (Pharmaco-epidemiology and health Services Research, UPRES EA-7449) is an integrated unit of research, expertise and training resulting from the convergence of two groups, one based at Rennes University Hospital and the other (Department of Quantitative Methods in Public Health, METIS) at the School of Advanced Studies in Public Health (EHESP, Rennes), on research, expertise and training works about the analysis of consumption,  the use and impact of care, including the prescription of health products (drugs, medical devices) at the population level.

The convergence is made thanks to proximity of disciplinary approches, with the common trait of statistic exploitation of health data, including those of massive and complex health data, like PMSI (“Programme de Médicalisation du Système d’Information” or Medicalisation of Information System Program) and SNIIR-AM (“Système National d’Information Inter-Régimes de l’Assurance Maladie” or Illness Insurance’s National and Cross-Regime Information System).

Epidemiology, declined under pharmaco-epidemiology and research in health services, represent the common disciplinary stand. The finality of planned researches writes itself in a societal perspective for a better handling by the Health System. This team is in co-guardianship between Rennes 1 University and EHESP.