COVID-19: New article by J. Roux, C. Massonnaud, et P. Crépey

Read the progress of  P. Crépey’s research group on the COVID-19 epidemic and know more about the “One-month impact of the French lockdown on the epidemic burden” visiting our  Infectious Disease page.

COVID-19: Forecasting short term hospital needs in France by C. Massonnaud, J. Rouxet P. Crépey

In France, the COVID-19 epidemic raises concerns regarding healthcare capacity, particularly ICU. We estimated one month ahead the daily number of cases, hospitalizations, ICU beds and deaths per Region. The total number of infected cases is expected to range from 22900 to 162000 and all regional ICU capacities may soon be overrun. While mitigation measures may temper our results, a massive expansion of ICU capacities seems necessary to manage the coming wave of patients.

 Read the article “Predicted French Hospital Needs (version EHESP-20200316)”

Lola Neufcourt @Society for Social Medicine & Population Health- IEA European Congress, Cork 4-6 september 2019

Lola Neufcourt present her poster on “Sex differences in the relationship between socioeconomic status and hypertension in France : results from a cross-sectional analysis of the CONSTANCES cohort”september 5th 2019 , at the IEA Congress of the Society for Social Medicine & Population Health. Come at poster session B in  P44!

REPERES double laureate of the 2019 Health Data Hub proposal call

Presentation of the Health Data Hub proposal call laureate took place April, 16th in presence of  Mr AUBERT, head of the DRESS agency,  Pr. NORDLINGER, Head of the jury,  Madam BUZYN, the minister of health Madame la Ministre. REPERES is proud to participate to two selected projects: OSCOUR led by Mr LE STRAT (Santé Publique France) et DEEP-SARC led by Pr. BLAY (CRLCC Léon Bérard, Lyon).

N. LE MEUR @useR!2019, TOULOUSE, July 9-12 2019

Nolwenn Le Meur will present a lighting talk on queryMed  at the international  useR!2019  conference in Toulouse, France between July, 9th  and 12th 2019.

REPERES aux Journées de Neurologie de Langue Française du 16 au 19 avril 2019

Emmanuelle Leray et Mathilde Lefort de l’équipe SEP présenteront 2 posters le 17 avril matin. N’hésitez pas à venir les rencontrer !

2nd Congrès “Le SNDS pour la recherche en santé” – Registration now opened

Rendez-vous at

2nd Symposium on National health data system (SNDS) for Health research


The  2nd French symposium on  « National health data system (SNDS) for Health research » will be held in Rennes June 24th and June 25th,  2019 at EHESP. For details please check our web page  “Congrès”.


Emmanuelle Leray, Alice Guilleux, Mathilde Lefort et Jonathan Roux were at ECF,  Baveno (European congress of Charcot fondation),  November 15-17, Baveno.

3 posters were presented:
“Effects of mental comorbidities on initiating disease-modifying therapies: a population-based study” par A. Guilleux, J. Roux, E. Leray  (best poster presentation in the category epidemiology)

“Complementary use of administrative and clinical data in studying disease-modifying therapies in MS in France in 2010-2015” par J. Roux, R. Casey, S. Vukusic, E. Leray

“Long-term effect of interferon-β and glatiramer acetate in real-world settings on disability progression : input of time-dependent propensity score” par M. Lefort, Y. Foucher, S. Vukusic, G. Edan, E. Leray


Lola Neufcourt was at  European Public Heath conference 11th edition, in Ljubljana Slovenia . On November, 28th she presented her work entitled « Individual and neighborhood socioeconomic disparities in high blood pressure in France » (L. Neufcourt, S. Deguen, S. Bayat, M. Zins, O. Grimaud).