In the section PLANETE- CORONAVIRUS and PANDEMIE COVID-19, Pascal Crépey responds to the newspaper Le Monde: “In the absence of a vaccine, the coronavirus could ultimately cause several thousand deaths”. Between March 10 and April 14, the number of serious cases could rise to 40,000 across France. [article in French]

COVID-19: Forecasting short term hospital needs in France by C. Massonnaud, J. Rouxet P. Crépey

In France, the COVID-19 epidemic raises concerns regarding healthcare capacity, particularly ICU. We estimated one month ahead the daily number of cases, hospitalizations, ICU beds and deaths per Region. The total number of infected cases is expected to range from 22900 to 162000 and all regional ICU capacities may soon be overrun. While mitigation measures may temper our results, a massive expansion of ICU capacities seems necessary to manage the coming wave of patients.

 Read the article “Predicted French Hospital Needs (version EHESP-20200316)”

Covid-19 In France : toward what evolution of the epidemic ?

  • Will France follow Italie foot steps ?
  • Does the second wave will happen next autumn, respecting seasonality ?

Questions-Answers by Pascal Crépey for The Conversation.