N. Le Meur @JOURNÉE D’ÉTUDE ARAQNÉE, IRDES, november 28th 2018

REPERES (with EHESP) contribute to the  journée d’étude ARAQNÉE  for the  network analysis for healthcare data, organized by IRDES in Paris novembre, 28th 2018.

Nolwenn Le Meur is invited to talked about “Applications of graph theories for the analysis of healthcare data” .

For a detailed programma and registration visit the ARAQNÉE web site.

J. Roux @34TH ICPE, PRAGUE, AUGUST 22-26 2018

At the 34th international conference in pharmacoepidemiology and therapeutic Risk management (ICPE) held in Prague between August 22-26 2018,  Jonathan Roux will present the following poster:

Roux J, Guilleux A, Leray E. “Impact of new oral disease-modifying therapies on the prescription of injectable and off-label drugs in multiple sclerosis in France over 2011-2015 using national administrative databases.”